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New version with additional access to shipping documents, customisable data insights, detailed timeline and transport notifications.



Check the actual status of your shipments, the estimated time of arrival and many more via FreightInsight.


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The charter portal provides transport partners access to transport planning, work instructions, orders and feedback.


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Making the difference – every day
Talent Development

Making the difference – every day

Logistics is no longer just about transport. Van den Bosch believes that it’s also about data, insights and knowledge. Things we deploy every day to make a difference. Because we have just one goal: to move forward together.

You don't innovate by wanting to be smarter than others. You do that by being smarter with others. Michiel van Kessel, Director Staff Services, refers to this in relation to Talent Development: “Van den Bosch works intensively with various educational institutions, research institutes and trade bodies. As a logistics partner, we share our knowledge, enjoy learning from others and embrace cooperation in order to improve the supply chain.”

New talent
Van den Bosch is always looking for new talent. And for fresh ideas that will make a difference. Van Kessel: “Through internships, research, guest lectures and project assignments, students become fully acquainted with the challenging world of bulk logistics. These are the data managers, master planners or master drivers of the future. Talents who make a difference every day - today and beyond.”

Breeding ground
Our focus on innovation will soon take physical form in the guise of the new Van den Bosch knowledge lab. “By combining logistics knowledge and experience with the unprecedented possibilities of data, technology and automation, we’re continuing to develop the future. The lab will be a breeding ground for innovations, where we will work, together with our partners and students, on a smarter version of the supply chain”, says Van Kessel proudly.

“We share our knowledge, enjoy learning from others and embrace cooperation in order to improve the supply chain.”

Forward together
Training and developing our own employees is also high on the agenda. “In the renewed Van den Bosch Academy, employees are immersed in the world of bulk logistics. From quality to safety, from loading to unloading and from sealing to product knowledge. We also continuously invest in personal development and professional training,” adds Van Kessel. “We want to improve together. Move forward together. Every employee is essential to realise our ambitions.”

World-Class Workplace
Recently, Van den Bosch has been awarded the World-Class Workplace quality label. This independent quality label is awarded annually by research firm Effectory for good employment practices. Effectory recently carried out a survey of the employees in every branch of Van den Bosch. Based on these results, Van den Bosch scores above average compared with other researched organisations operating worldwide. Read more.

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Talent Development

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