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Sealing Tool

Reach out to our online tool for sealing instructions for containers and trailers.


FreightInsight 2.0

New version with additional access to shipping documents, customisable data insights, detailed timeline and transport notifications.



Check the actual status of your shipments, the estimated time of arrival and many more via FreightInsight.


Charter portal

The charter portal provides transport partners access to transport planning, work instructions, orders and feedback.


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Tengio is the communication portal for Van den Bosch employees. Get connected!


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Stay up to date on our latest procedures and e-learnings via our online Academy.


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Employees can log in via a remote Citrix login. Receive your login via the ICT Service Desk.


Our story
Van den Bosch

Our story


If you think it’s all about quantity, think again. It’s not just about amounts. Or volumes. Or shipments. More is not always best. It’s actually about making things better.

We are Van den Bosch. The logistics service provider with a different perspective on bulk. Where others see raw materials for food and chemicals, we see opportunities. Opportunities for improvement. For efficiency. For change. It’s time for bulk logistics to get smarter.

With customised services, innovation and critical insights from data evaluation, Van den Bosch delivers so much more than simply ‘transport’. We deliver expertise. We deliver result-driven solutions. And we deliver entirely new and innovative logistic concepts. All that without compromising on reliability, safety or speed.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Suppliers and customers throughout Europe and Africa are taking advantage of the change we’re bringing with our intelligent, intermodal solutions.

Every day, they appreciate how Van den Bosch helps them:

  • ensure quality,
  • keep control of their supply chain,
  • meet their CO2 targets,
  • get profound operational insights,
  • and even reduce the total number of shipments,

…in order to optimise their business in a sustainable and smarter way.

Our experience tells us that bulk logistics isn’t just about quantity but more and more about delivering quality. Quality you feel in every link of the supply chain. As ‘supply changers’, we connect needs to concepts. Challenges to solutions. Data to insights. And change to improvement.

Are you ready for change?

Van den Bosch
The Supply Changer in Bulk

Would you like to receive new insights?

At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.

“You cannot keep control of the supply chain and change the world of bulk logistics alone. You have to do that together”

Van den Bosch Rico Daandels - CEO